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Vol. I                                       Surfing the Akasha                                Nov. 2016



Welcome to Surfing the Akasha, the combined news of the EC Legacy and Transpersonal Arts programs.  All are invited to participate and send subjects to explore and comments to share. - Elyse Curtis, Ph. D


 Surfing the Akasha


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He Left a legacy, Oh what a legacy, all the answers that we seek.”

(Elyse Donathan, “The Man Called Cayce , “ 1964)

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Is Reincarnation in the Bible?

           (Q) What part of New Testament definitely teaches Reincarnation?

           (A) John. Six to eight. Third to fifth. Then the rest as a whole.-452-6


Cayce Forum/Bible Playbook



“Read it (the Bible) to be wise.  Study it to understand.  LIVE it to know that the Christ walks through same with thee.  For, as He gave, in righteousness may ye know those things that have been preserved from the foundations of the worlds in thine own experience.  - Edgar Cayce - (262-60)  (John 14:26)


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The question concerning reincarnation in the Bible was asked by a person listed in the Who Was Who Past Life Directory based on the Edgar Cayce Discourse, who had been a biblical character.

Who Was Who



“Who Was Who is a tour de force, an excellent research tool.

(Jeannette M. Thomas, Administrator of Records

 Edgar Cayce Foundation 4/8/1997)


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0452-1 (5) M 27

3-Asia, Palestine [NT] - Early Christian era

*John Mark - Scribe, son of  Cleophas [870] and Cleo, brother of Rhoda [2988] and Mille [2613], wrote first accounts dictated by Peter, traveled with Paul and Barnabas, inmate in household of Mary, the sister of Josie  (See [275Si] for family in this era.)


SOL Transpersonal Arts - Music As the Bridge



Soul Quest, The Legacy, a collection of songs in verse about the Bible and life on the spiritual path that is used in the Cayce Forum, covers the Cayce legacy and includes the songs “The Life-Go-Round” and “Everybody’s Been Somebody,” on the subject of reincarnation.               


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The Who Was Who is an on-going selection of the Edgar Cayce Legacy Book Club.  The numbers of those used in the Who Was Who Edgar Cayce Legacy Bible Playbook series, in “Surfing the Akasha,” the SOL Who Was Who Transpersonal Arts lecture series and in the Cayce Forum/Bible Study Group at the ARE of NY, and those that appear in any other books in the Cayce Legacy Book Club selections are open for discussion and will be posted on Twitter ECLegacyBkClub.


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